song of today

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Say you love me too

today song of the day would be a love song I wrote a month ago.

The lyrics might not be the best fit, but I really love this melody a lot. Perhaps any of you who has a movie could try insert this song for a sad scene.

It'd been a long time for me to record new songs. My room is just too hot for me to concentrate on writing melodies. I just hope the weather will get better soon.



  1. hey, just drop by to say hello..
    incidently i hear this song
    i love it very much...
    well done...hope u come out more nice song in future...
    will u mind i load the song in my blog?

  2. hi long time no see.

    yeah, of course you can. I would love to let more people listen to my songs :)